What is the difference between a Surgical Mask and a Face Mask?

A surgical Masks have to be registered with the FDA a Face Mask does not. But we follow this guideline closely. 

Where will my Face Masks Ship from?

Your Face Masks will ship from Georgia, USA

How long does it take to Ship?

1-2 Business Days

Can I return the Face Masks?

With the objective of keeping everyone safe, this product cant be returned. 

How should I use this mask?

You will notice this mask has NO ear loops. To avoid ear stress we have a head loop. This head loop is adjustable to different head sizes.

 I am a Health Care Professional. How do I get my discount?

Just email us your credentials at info@healthcare365.shop and we will send you a special HERO code!

Are the Face Masks Washable?

No, Our Face Masks are one use disposables.